Alright well in avenged seven fold when two guitarist play a harmony solo they go side by side and they look good because ones a left hand guairst. Well In my solo i wanna look good with the other guitarist so anyone got any good stage postions for two right hand guiarist
Are you retarded? Stage positions? You have feet and guitars don't you? How about the old "stand next to each other"? Actually, better advice is to not try to look anything like Avenged Sevenfold.
Haha wow the dumb ****s. Im not looking for now regular ****. jeez. Bro im talking about things that look good. Standing next to each other just is pointless might as well be at the opisiote sides of the room
What does this have to do with songwriting or lyrics?

edit: I just had the biggest ****ing deja vu
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You're asking how to look cool on stage, and gave A7X as an example? Okay...

Why don't you try the old fashioned 'stand on each side of the stage and do something unique and not copy your favourite band' position?


Good god just saw your name, 'mcr tabs'

Don't insult the MCR fan too much, he might cry...
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