well lately ive been playing some stuff with pinches. and the pinches dont sound very"explosive" i dont know what it could be i mean usually i get them pretty good but man... there sounding weak right now...ive considered getting thicker strings would this help?what do you do when you want really beast harmonics?
thanks to all helpful input.
The best spot for the pinch harmonic changes depending on the fret - you just have to get used to where that would be for each fret. And make sure you only very very briefly touch the string to make it ring out the clearest.
you could also have some problems with your guitar like your neck could be off that will also do it. also like Vlasco said there are different spots depending on the fret. I think there are about 2-3 good pinch harmonics on most of the frets until you get towards the bottom of your neck then there arent to many. I use a fender strat and my pinch harmonics come out pretty good. You should just practice them alot until you get a hang of it.
Practice practice practice. I know it sounds like cheap advice but at long as you've got a little distortion and a reasonably hot pickup, it all comes down to technique.

Saying "beast" as an adjective makes you look like a tremendous tool. Say "beastly" if you really want to use the word. "Sick" would be a fine alternative as well.
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i think pinch harmonics are much easier with a thick, firm pick like a 3mm stubby. but that's just me.

it comes down to technique. the way i see it is if you can't do clear pinch harmonics on an acoustic guitar, you can't do pinch harmonics properly
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Agreed with Blompcube - when I use a thicker pick I'm much happier with the sound.
You could try changing pick thickness, string gauges, ect...but ultimately it satisfaction will result in more practice. Just mess around with your technique a little bit and see if you can get a stronger sound.
its the type of strings. if you switch brands that can have adverse effects. go back to what you had before. also helps to experiment with different ways of holding the pick.
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Could very well be the amp.

My ex-rhythm guitarist's practice amp was an ibanez jumpstart amp and it couldn't pick up harmonics at all.. the gain just wasn't enough. he had to buy a distortion pedal to make it work.

You think it could be the amp??
I can get pinch harmonics out on clean settings. Most times people say their pinch harmonics aren´t up to par it ends up being a technique issue.