So when ever im playing i start tensing my arms up this is only just started happening n i need help to untense it coz it is starting to hurt and slow me down

any suggestions?
Check out the Techniques sticky and some of Freepowers videos. Apart from that, being aware of tension in your playing is the first step to removing it. Slow down and practice playing with as little tension as possible.

Also, searchbar, there's heaps of info around here on tension and how to start removing it from your playing. Good luck

EDIT: Sorry, I just reread that and it came out a bit blunt and uninformative Where/how specifically are you noticing tension in your playing? More importantly what's hurting and have you had it looked at by a doctor?
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1. Warm up before playing. Start slow, work up to your full speed.
2. Cool down after playing. This is one a lot of people don't do- slow down your playing (strumming chords or something slow like that), then leave the guitar and stretch your hands/wrists.
3. If you feel that you're tensing up, stop, slow down the technique you're doing so that it's relaxed and "correct", and work up speed from there. If tension appears, step the metronome down a bit 'til you're comfortable and relaxed.