Please don't take this wrong way, but honestly I think the songs are quite bland and repetitive and monotonous,

I guess it's good experience to go into a studio and all that but the songs that you have put up don't really require a studio anyway... because you can achieve that sound with just a decent computer, a line in plug and a few vst plugins.

The vocals are recorded well though - but the soprano does get a little annoying for my tastes.

Also the songs are lacking bass?

.anyway I'd say it's a decent start but I think it's very rushed, perhaps take some time to firstly learn your instruments better (which is an ongoing process) and second to come together as a band and mature and all that jazz. Save the studio process for later (especially since you recorded a cover - which shows that you lack your own material)

but never take criticism the wrong way alright? just enjoy it and try to grow and get better as a band