Are there any other instruments where each player has their own tone?

The only drummers I could recognise from hearing would be Mitch Mitchell and Ginger Baker. Apart from that, there's no musicians I can recognise from their tone, are there any more? Going by tone not style, I could recognise John Coltrane by his style.
I could recognize Flea doing da bass.

I could recognize Jake Shimabukuro on the oo-koo-lay-lay.
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Cliff burton on bass or bonzo on drums
*lust list*
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tone..hmm..not many, style..quite a few
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Keyboards, maybe? Opeth have a distinctive keyboard sound, although anyone could get it by buying the same equipment.
Travis Barker on drums, Flea on bass, Tom DeLonge on guitar
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Carlos Santana on guitar. I can usually pick out Clapton, too. Also, Hendrix.

Ginger Baker on drums.

Flea on bass.
Santana is pretty easy to pick out.

Also, I'd say William Reid has a pretty distinctive tone.
Lars Ulrich.
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If you're judging tone difference from a recording, drum tone is most likely recognizable because of a producer, not the drummer/drums themselves.
And yes, most woodwind/brass/acoustic string instruments can have very distinctive tones from player to player, as can some percussionists. And I disagree TS, Coltrane is easily recognizable tone-wise.

Probably only for electric and electronic musicians, although I can usually pick the piercingly inaccurate Kenny G when I hear him