hello.I have been playing for about 13 months and would definetly class myself as an intermediate guitarist.I listen to metal and like thrash and death metal and grindcore.But I will pretty much play any metal song as long as it isnt poppy or emoish.If anyone can reccomed any good song then that would be fantastic.No Slayer,metallica or slipknot please.
It'd be a good idea to post songs around your skill level. "Intermediate guitarist" is still a very broad term.
Breaking stereotypes by playing indie on a metal guitar.

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ok I can play stuff like One by metallica,crystal mountain by death and hammer smashed face by cannibal corpse.
December Flower by In Flames is pretty much the most fun song ever to play. And Terror Train by Demons & Wizards which is really good for building right hand picking stamina.
pandora - parkway drive
romance is dead - parkway drive

these two will definitly help refine technique overall
as they have a lot of movement around the fret board
as well they are good for finger stretching
probably would attepmt pandora first as romance is dead has a tight
finger intro which really stretchs the fingers out