Hey guys,

I need a bit of help. A friend of mine gave me this old guitar which looks the absolute balls, kick ass tremolo, reverse headstock, 24 fret, 2 Hums and 1 single coil.

Everything looks good on it, finger board is straight as an arrow, electrics all seem in good nick.

I couldnt wait to get the old guy going again so i went out and got some strings for it, re-strung it (which was a nightmare, thank you floyd rose )

The problem i'm having is that when i tune the high E, the low E rise's bout a half step and all the other strings go outta whack, i've gone through tuning this guy for about an hour but it always ends up the same???

I'm thinking it may be a slight problem with the tremolo system but just wondering if anyone has any tips???

Floyds are always a bitch to tune, it can take a long time but try decreasing the tension of the springs in the back of the guitar. It sounds like the guitar is setup a bit higher than standard tuning.
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