I'm currently shopping for a new guitar and amp. I decided on a epiphone les paul standard, but now I can't decide which amp to get a Line 6 Spider III 15W or a Peavey Vypyr 15 15W. They are both the same price ($100) and I have heard people make an arguement for each one. The Peavey sounds like it has more levels of distortion, but the Spider's presests are tempting (mostly the crunch option because they say its based on a marshall tone). I'm looking for the one that gives me a hard rock, blues tone, with capability to play metal. I'm going to test them out in the store, but I would really appreciate any advice anyone may have for me.
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roland micro cube will sound the best. but it wont have all the preset channels that you can go back to.
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Get the Peavey. It's a great practice amp. You can always get something better later. The Peavey models Marshall tones as well. Presets are never as good as you would think.
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but the Spider's presests are tempting (mostly the crunch option because they say its based on a marshall tone).

Line 6 says a lot of things about the Spider amps. Don't believe a word. "Based off Marshall tone" does not mean it is Marshall tone. Think about when you see movies that are "based off a true story". Ever looked into the story? it's probably completely different. Same goes for Spider amps. It's all supposedly based off high end mesa, marshall peavey etc. amps. They sound COMPLETELY different.