Rick rolled with no internetz a spider sense an a creepy incident ever happen to you?

Alright, im about to go to sleep so I jump on the couch because my drunk uncle took my bed. Then I look over onto this shelf beside me to see a cassete tape that says Rick Astley. I search through the songs and see those over-rated words. "Never gonna give you up." With a slight grin & a curse under my breath cuz I gotz rik rolldz widout teh internetz I close my eyes to get some sleep. About 10 seconds later I hear three loud knocks come from the basement door (which I hear lots cause this house is one hundred years old so it's obviousley a spirit). After ignoring it I try to dose off...but than my senses kick in and I turn to look up at this flower decoration hanging uptop me only to see a little retarded spider waiting for me to sleep so he can sling down to crawl all over my body while im passed out. So I keel dis suniva bitch wit my fire majik skillz than light my other half of a cig. But yeah man it's uncomfortably cold to go to bed now so I made this thread about that **** that happened.

You ever had some wierd **** go down just before something you were going to do?

Oh ****... right so im pretty tired to a bit.
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Go to bed, seriously. And, yes it has happened to me. And no, I won't tell it to you.

pigeonmafia go WTF!?
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So, you found a spider and killed it? That's not weird at all.

Thread is now about our favourite animals.
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...Wait, what?
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There's a special sex move I do called the Charizard.
It's where you light the girls pubes, then put it out with your cum and run around the room flapping your arms screaming, "You don't have enough badges to train me!"
cool story bro

EDIT: I like sleeping on the couch.
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