I'm playing almost a year now and i'm thinking of buying a new guitar.
I've decided that it's either going to be an ibanez ( because I play with one right now) or an esp ( because i've heard so many good things about it)

I went to my local guitar shop and got some info and books but I still find it difficult to pick a guitar.
Would be nice if anyone could do some suggestions.

I got a budget of 800 - 900 euro, can be bit more or less ofcourse.
I mostly play:

- As i Lay Dying
- It Dies Today
- A Wilhelm Scream
- ...

Would be really thankful for any input on this!

ESP V-401 (or V-500, same guitar really)

Amazing guitar, went out and tried it today: going to buy it just after I get my A level results
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Well, As I Lay Dying exclusively use Washburn, so I'd look at them. The WM and HM series are great for metal.
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Thanks for input so far. Btw Baby Joel, doesnt Nick Hipa use ibanez? :p
As in every new guitar thread, I feel like I have to be the guy who suggests an EC-1000 for every possible situation.

Seriously though, get one.
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Thanks for input so far. Btw Baby Joel, doesnt Nick Hipa use ibanez? :p

Sorry, the other one. Rhythm guitarist.
He's still a guitarist. :/
superman is killing himself tonight