I'm thinking of getting a new fuzz pedal for a kind of Hendrixy tone. I have $200 to spend on it. I was thinking of either getting a Zvex Fuzz Factory or the Dunlop Hendrix Fuzzface.

Are these pedals good and if so which one should I get? Also are there any other good fuzz pedals that I should consider? Thanks.
I've heard very bad things about the Dunlop HENDRIX fuzz face. Apparently they don't match the silicon transistors or anything, and then they just throw the Hendrix name on and hope it will sell. The standard fuzz face always has good things said about it though. I recently built a silicon fuzz face and they do sound pretty cool. It's perfect for some stuff by Black Sabbath, or Eric Johnson (although he probably uses a germanium one). Check out ebay for homemade ones, they will probably save you a lot of money.
+1 for building. A Fuzz Face is one of THE beginner builds.


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I would love to build one, however I don't have the proper tools to build one and I don't know anyone who does.
All you need is a soldering iron and a PCB kit. You could even just buy a pre made PCB and then just solder the parts. And you'd need a drill to make the box. You'd just have to make sure to buy some decent matched transistors and you could get this done extremely cheap.

If you must buy a premade pedal, go Analogman, Fulltone, Roger Mayer, Mad Professor, MJM, or KR Musical (he's actually been inside one of Hendrix's originals).

EDIT: If you build, here's the schematic and PCB layout. http://fuzzcentral.ssguitar.com/fuzzface.php

And here's some theory and mods. http://www.geofex.com/Article_Folders/fuzzface/fftech.htm
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