Hi i have a ltd h-1001 and the inlays are hard to see. Is there any option like stickers to make some more visible inlays?
how are they hard to see? They look pretty big to me. Maybe it's your eyes that are the problem here
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I have seen guitars with "inlay" stickers that appeared to be made of (vinyl). I don't know where you get them, because I have never been interested in them. I would look on eBay first.
hard to see from the front or while playing the guitar? The neck has markers above the frets. Use those..
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A seller on ebay called creative-cuts sells the vinyl "inlays". I have a set on my Epi Goth Explorer (pics in my profile) and they've been on there over a year and still look great. They're made of really thin outdoor durability (5-7 years) high performance vinyl. I've had 2 different sets on it. The first set was the James Hetfield snakes but I decided to put something more original on it so now it has a set of the Dave Mustaine Sharktooth "inlays" on it. I had to use a razor blade to lift a corner of the snakes to get them off. They did leave some sticky stuff on the fretboard but it was easy to rub off with my finger. They're really not as bad as some people make them out to be but DO NOT PUT PAPER STICKERS ON YOUR FRETBOARD. Those will wear off and leave a bad mess.

The only downside I have with some sets is that they don't cover the dots and you have to use a sharpie to color then in. The sharpie does wear off and you have to touch them up sometimes. But overall they're really not that bad.
Quote by apak
hard to see from the front or while playing the guitar? The neck has markers above the frets. Use those..

Next time try to contribute to the thread please! The point is that TS wants to change them, let's try to help him do it!