hey guys,

to might great embarrassment i have only just discovered nightwish (i had just assumed the were a screaming br00talzc0r3 band) and i was wondering which of their albums would be quite accessible to get?

I really dislike screaming, and am not massively into my really heavy metal. The metal i normally listen to is sabbath, metallica, maiden, dream theater with a little bit of pantera (think cemetery gates and floods minus mid section more than walk).

so anyway - i'll be in town later, what would be an accessible non-screaming nightwish album to buy?
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Not the biggest of fans, but I like Oceanborn.
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From reviews I've read done by other people your best bet is to go with Oceanborn. Also, next time remember go into the Recommendation Thread. It is stickied.
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i love Once. great album. and i think the new singer is great but shes just differnet to tarja

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i had just assumed the were a screaming br00talzc0r3 band

With a name like Nightwish?
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