So i saw this Iceman ICX 120 BK hanging in a local music store, i always thought they looked awesome so i inmediatly tried it out.
It plays nice and the sound is pretty good as far as i know.
Now i did some research and its been regarded as a ''baby'' Iceman and stuff now im wondering is this guitar actually pretty good?
I know there are better Iceman's around but i cant find them around here so this might be the only chance of having one.
The guy is selling it for 350 euros wich should be around 490 usd i think.
Is this guitar good in general and good for its price?
I have never tried one - but for those in the US the paying of 350€ is equivalent more to you finding a deal on a guitar for $350 despite the exchange.
im not sure about the exchange and stuff i just picked that up somewhere on another forum :P
anyway, 350 euros