Music is emotional. I know that. Have two electrics and two acoustics. One a lesser Martin (D16) and a D28marquious Martin. Fell in love with a D18 Special Edition Martin and thinking of trading the D16. Having some trouble emotionally doing that. It was my first guitar !!!!! Anyone else ever been in a similar situation ?????

Bob J
I'd Keep the first one, i have.

I sold my second one, and now i wish i kind of didn't, since it was great and i miss its tones and usability.
Trading the guitar alows me to upgrade considerabily. The first one was bought as something to try to see if I wouldlike it and stick with it. #2 Martin was a big upgrade. The idea was that the old one would be the one I took to lessions etc. I just do not know if the trade off is worth it. Does one have to have a cheap guitar to bring to lessions or can it be a good one ???

Bob J
^This. I'm NEVER selling my first guitar. Its an all-lam that I would get no money out of anyway, but I love the thing to death.
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