hey guys I have a question. I'm in the market for a new guitar. I have been narrowing my search down to so far 3 guitars; fender strat, epiphone sg and a epiphone les paul. i play mostly punk rock like blink 182 and green day in my band but also play some alt. stuff aswell. i would be looking to switch the bridge pickup to something like a seymour duncan invader(any good)and maybe making a couple more modifications. however, my biggest problem is that im a lefty. When looking at the strat, they dont make left handed humbucker strats unless you go to a custom shop but I know that is going to be really expensive like 3 grand or something. so ya my other 2 choices are a les paul and an sg so if you guys could help me out from any experience you have had with these guitars and which you think would be the best choice for me that would be great.
Are there really no lefty MIM HSS strats?
You could always just get a lefty SSS MIM and switch the bridge to a humbucker.
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it's all coming back

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I'd say try out the SG. Probably the best choice for you. Of course, try out the Les Paul, and idk a strat if you want.
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