Well i was just looking at the top 100 tabs and i notices that beat it was at the top with 9374 hits and stairway to heaven in second place had only 7209..Guess with MJ death and all..wonder what would happen if Jimmy Page died?What does the pit have to say about this?
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There's been a thread on this already.

Two or three.
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my parents are bandwagoners. they bought a dvd of mj's greatest hits. all his cds were sold out at the store. not to mention, a little girl walked in and asked her mum to find the new miley cd
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TBH, I'd just like to see the day when Stairway ISN'T in the top 10 tabs list.

it would be an unfortunate day
sorry i didn't know it had a thread on this alreadyyyyyyyy

repeat thread.
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