If you don't have an fx loop on your amp,
can you use chorus,delay,reverb pedals?

I have a blackstar that has it
and a vox that does not.

Also is this ok? and where would you add a tuner pedal?

Guitar -> Wah -> OD -> Dist -> Amp

For the fx loop how would you order these?

Amp -> Chorus -> Delay -> Reverb -> Amp

Yeah it will work fine. My next amp will have a loop, but my Vj doesn't and it sounds great. Pedal placement is up to you and what you like best. Experiment a bit.
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You probably want to put your tuner right at the beginning of your chain, right from your guitar. That way your signal is as clear as it's going to get.
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using an effects loop only really matters if you're using preamp od/distortion. if you run your amp clean with an od pedal, then it's nothing to worry about.

and yeah, the orders you said are fine, although it's all about experimentation.

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this shows the order of pedals buts its really up to you and how you want it to sound,that give you starting point....has nothing about effects loops tho.
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