Alright guys, I finally will be playing shows soon. Small local basement shows with a couple of hundred of people, nothing extremely major.

I need to buy a new guitar (I need a backup) as well as an amp. My budget for both sits at about grand, tops. The guitar I want (an Agile AL) is about $400, leaving me with $600 for an amp.

So what amps in that price range should I be looking at? I don't mind buying used. We play mostly metalcore type stuff, but versatility is a plus for me. Anything that can pull of a good hard rock sound works great, thats my main priority.

As previously mentioned it needs to be loud enough for small gigs playing with the band. Please do not go over $600, times are tough and its really all I got. Plus I don't plan on playing music for a living or anything. This is just a few little shows I want to play, as that is my dream. So it makes no sense in me to invest in anything much more expensive than that.

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