i don't really understand them? i used metronome online, playing the c major scale in time with the beats, and i could do it easily at 208 bpm yet i can't play the fast part of the enter sandman solo perfect yet?
how do i actually practice with one?
and its my birthday on wednesday, so i'm gonna buy myself a real metronome for £20-30, which should i get?
what you do is find out the BPM for the fast part of that solo, and then set your metronome to a slower speed you can play the solo at, and then gradually work up to full speed.
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Out loud, or in your head, it's up to you.

You can play 208 crotchets at 208 bpm.

I believe Enter Sandman has 16th notes (play 4 notes every beat)
so should i set the metronome at say 100bpm and play 4 notes inbetween each beat? or should i start at 2 notes between each beat, run up and down scales like that, keep increasing speed then move on to 4?
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