I recently came across a closet-special late 70s Ampeg V6B and the cab with the 15 that you typically see with them, I havent messed with it much, but I'm curious as to what's up with it...

240 Watts-
Is this at 4 ohms hooked to both potential cabinets, or is this at 8 ohms with the possibility of 4 ohms drawing more power from it?

Sorry if that's a stupid question, I know NOTHING about the electronics of amps.

Also, with the cab thats with it, EQ about flat, I can't turn it up more than 60% without getting this horrible blown-speaker-esque sound from it, and I'm wondering if it's more likely to be the head or the cab..

If it's the head, I'll probably put it in storage and keep the cab but this being a solid state amp it should theoretically be okay, volume wise, alot higher than 60% right?

argh idk