t     t     t     t     t     t     t     t     t
e |-------------------------------------------------------|
b |-------------------------------------------------------|
G |-------------------------------------18-12-17-11-16-10-|
D |-------------------17-12-16-11-15-10-------------------|
A |-17-12-16-11-15-10-------------------------------------|
E |-------------------------------------------------------|

Its 32nd notes at 116 BMP, so I dont know if id be able to tap it with 1 finger fast enough, even with practice. If I were to 3 Finger tap, any suggestions on how to go about doing it? This would be my first multi finger tapping so its a little strange.

it seems like it would make sense, but youd have to use 3 fingers and if your still holding a pick thatd mean including your pinky which is no doubt very weak. It probably would take less time to practice with just one finger, rather than bring your pinky + ring fingers up to strength. Using the middle + ring would be kind of awkward also just because of the uneven hand movement, you could try though. Is there enough time before to slide up the pick so you can use your index as well so you have three strong fingers to use so you dont need to move your hand heaps?
Hehe. The buckethead nubbing is always fun. Your basic pattern is Ring, Middle, Index. That's the pattern for Both hands, so the complete pattern is R ring, L Ring, R Middle, L Middle, R Index, L index. Hammer on with BOTH ring fingers (the left doesn't have to be an actual hammer on, just fret it at the same time as you hammer on with the right). Then pull off with the right ring finger. Then, as you hammer on with the right middle finger, lift the left ring finger and fret the string with the left middle finger. Pull off with the right middle finger. Next, as you hammer on with the right index finger, fret the string with the left index finger and release the left middle finger. This is the pattern for each string. Unfortunately, explaining it makes it sound way more complicated than it is.
My recommendations:
1. Don't think about it to much. It's actually pretty simple and if you over analyze it, your more likely to mess it up than if you just relax. Practice it though, and start slowly that way you don't HAVE to think about it as much as you speed up.
2. Make sure you pull off with the right hand, don't just lift your finger off the string.
3. Make sure when you switch strings, the previous string doesn't ring out.

I have to go...I'll be back in...oh, probably 8 hours, maybe more. I'll address the pick issue when I get here.
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pyso: It looks like theres enough time before hand to get my pick positioned so i can use my first 3 fingers and not my pinky.

theshred: I understand completely, ive been doing it like you said all along. I basically fret the lower note right as I tap the corresponding higher note, then switch the lower note right when i tap the next higher note, it works perfectly.

Ok so on to the right hand, I assume that im pulling off towards myself? ie. in the direction my right fingers curl, since my hand is placed above the strings closer to my chest? Im not sure if thats an accurate description.

Also, when im pulling off its hard not to hit the string above (like on the first run im always hitting the E string as i Pull off). Should i mute this string or just be pulling off better?

Thanks so far guys
it is possible to not hit the other string, but to get a really strong sound out of it its going to take time. Try to hit it as little as you can, but dont really worry as long as its muted with your fretting hand.