Today, I really felt like recording some song. I didn't feel like putting any effort in it though.
Decided to make a "blues" song.

Writing/recording this track took less than 2 hours. This reflects in the track greatly.
My friends think it's pretty good though.

No need to crit the playing. It wasn't really intended to be that great hahah :P
Do tell me what you think of this as a song.
Would it be nice with some vocals?

Song in profile

It's quite amusing that you feel that way about the tone.
For tis recording I used a 1986 Ibanez Roadstar 2. It's pretty much a beginner strat-copy of that time. It's quality is up there with todays high end guitars though. I actually like it much more than my PGM. I recorded straight line in on garage-band. It's pretty effective as you see :P

Thanks for the vocals offer, I wouldn't refuse but I'm starting to sing myself so this will be another good excercise for me.
Thank you.
First of all I really like the clean tone of the rhythm, the lead tone rocks too. The chord progressions were quite cool, and it didn't seem like a generic blues progression like I was expecting. Leads and solos were great, lot of emotion in them. Nice harmony at about 2:00. I liked the piano that came in, definitely helped to keep the song interesting. Good vocals would make that AWESOME. Really nothing bad to say about man, so good job.

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This track was mixed very well and your tones are spot on. I love the sound and the chord progression makes me think of a rainy day, so I can't argue one bit with the title. The lead is perfect. A lot of times I hear too much distortion on the lead, or too loud, but your tone is great. Keep it up.

I'm not sure if my style of music is something you'd be into, it's more of an ambient/electronic sound that we produce with a midi controller and interface that I can play my guitar through. Anyways, if you get a chance and think you may be interested, check it out and leave some feedback.

the clean rhythm tone really stands out, the notes you hit are excellent great feeling. With singing this would be a great song i would listen to a lot. You're good at blues phrasing

crit mine?
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Thanks everyone for the kind word I'm shocked that you actually like this haha.
This was my MOST unserious song ever and as I said I put ridiculously little effor into the writingrecording/mixing.

Just an anouncement.
I just finished writing lyrics for this song. Got all the melodies worked out etc.
I'm gonna record the vocals tomorow and fix all the stuff that was bugging me.
Actually everything is :P
So at around same time tomorow, I'll have a ****ing awesome song ready to show

It's gonna have a pretty Rainbow-ish sound to it just so you know.