I'm looking to buy a capo and guitar maintenance items, such as cleaners, lubricants, or conditioners. What should I look for in purchasing a capo? What guitar care tools are recommended? Additionally, are there any other accessories I should be concerned about when owning an acoustic?
When buying a capo, make sure it fits on your guitar, as there are a few different types of capo.
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if it is a nice acoustic, like ones with that satin finish, you will want a humidity controller to control the climate in the case, if it's cheap don't worry about that. i imagine they are a little pricey. and just try a few capos out to get the feel of the one you prefer, most people i know like the clamp style ones that are open on one side so the can clamp it on the headstock. i personally like to force myself to use bar cords and transpose when i am in funky keys, cuz i don't like not having the entire fret board available to me.
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