Yeah I know its a ****ty pedal, but its all I've got! :P
If anyone could help me out on getting a good or even a decent tone with this thing that'd be awesome. I'm going for an As I Lay Dying sort of tone. Any suggestions?

EDIT: I'm using a Marshal MG30DFX
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Damn that pedal is made of treble... start with treble to 0 and distortion to 6 max.
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start with knobs at 12. turn the lows to 11 o'clock and turn the highs to 1 o'clock. then for the 2 mids turn the outer mids to 1 o'clock and the inner mids to 11 o'clock. and the distortion around 3 o'clock. thats what i'm working with temporarily and prsonally, it doesn't sound too bad.

EDIT: oh and make sure you eq your amp with something with a lot of bass and lower the treble.
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What amp are you running it through? Generally the metal zone sounds bad because of its super high ear piercing treble, so try something with a lot of low mids and bass, with just enough treble and upper mids to keep your clarity. Don't max out the distortion, just use enough to get a tight palm mute. Hope this helped some.