i really need a project that will last me the rest of summer, so would this be alright to do, or would it just sound like crap? hah
well a Peavey Bandit doesn't really sound good to begin with, but i don't think it would sound any better in a head.
and i don't think you'd be able to put it in a head, because the housing for the electronics isn't head-sized.
if you were to build your own head cabinet, it would work fine.
but it shouldn't take all summer.
the only difficult part would be making the cabinet for the housing.
other than that, it's pretty easy.
you'd also have to figure out a way to have a speaker output jack instead of two speaker wires connected to one speaker, that way it would work with a cabinet.
idk man, to me, it's not worth it for a peavey bandit.
but if you're really strapped for cash like i usually am, it may be beneficial and entertaining to do all that work.
oh, my mistake.
it seems there already is a speaker output..
in that case, you could just figure out what to do with the speaker wire (probably just remove it) and use the current speaker output for a cabinet.
shouldn't be difficult.
well thats exactly why i'm doing it lol. and i would build my own head cabinet, but concerning the speaker wire, it has a cabinet output on the back of the electronic compartment, so wouldn't that work? i would much rather have a head and a 4x12 cab than the whole damn amp and another cabinet.
Bandt, yes your idea will work. If you like the amp it is certainly worth it. I used to have a Bandit and thought it was great for me at the time. It was the best in the price range, that's why I bought it. The combo is a heavy bugger though, so I understand your desire to make it a head.

It's been a while, so remind me, what is the impedence (in ohms Ω listed on the internal speaker? What about the speaker out jack?

If the two impedance are different, then I recommend that you mount another 1/4" jack on the chassis and connect the wires that currently go to the internal speaker to the new jack, that way you will be able to run a cab with either impedance. Sometime in the near future, I will post a tutorial on this, but haven't had time lately.
well heads weigh a lot.
unless they're one of the small ones like the tiny terror and that new vox travel size head.
and to be honest, i don't think there would be much of a weight difference if you built a head cabinet and put the chassis in there as opposed to carrying around the combo amp.
what you could do which would be a lot faster, easier, and show the most weight difference, is to just take out the speaker that's currently in there, and cut off the wood that goes below the electronics housing, and then use the very bottom piece from what you cut off to go on the bottom and just glue it or nail it to the bottom.
so you'd use the cabinet made for a combo amp, just without a speaker or bottom section.
it would look like a small head, but it would get the job done.
i'm horrible at explaining things like that, so if you don't know what i'm saying, i can make a picture for you, and if you do, that's one perfectly good way to do it because it would look legitimate and get the job done.
so, have you decided what you're doing?
also, you should post a thread of updates for it if you decide to do it so we can all see how it's coming along.