I have an Ashdown fallen angel, 60 watt valve amp. I need some new valve/tube retainers (metal caps with springs in that hold the valves in place) for the pre-amp valves in it. It four 12AX7 valves in the pre- amp section. So I need retainers that will fit those specific valves.

I think the ones I have are causing a rattling noise in my amp. Or that is what I am lead to believe after reading a thread in a forum discussing the subject of rattling noises in valve amps. Also, one of the valve retainers doesn't stay in properly because the metal has worn away, so it doesn't twist in correctly.

Anyway, I have done a search on google, and been to a few local music shops and found nothing! Where can I find some in the United Kingdom? Alternatively, I would consider buying from abroad if that was necessary.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Awesome! I didn't expect such a simple solution so quickly. But that's great, so thanks a lot! Peace.