I'm building a tele and I'm looking at pots. I was going to buy Standard USA Tele pots @ 250k.

As I'm looking around at different pickups, they talk about having 500k pots.

What's the difference? Is it depending on the pickup, type of guitar?

Would I benefit from purchasing a 500K for my Tele?

Should I wait until I pick my pickup to decide on the POTS?

Thanks for the help in advance!
Generally 250k for single coils, 500k for humbuckers

the higher the value the brighter the sound.

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500k allow for brighter tones...

Basically, a 250k on max will sound exactly like a 500k on 50%.

Some people also go for 1M pots for even brighter tones, it all depends on how you want the guitar to sound.
It'll be mega bright.
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Like John (Baby Joel) said it'll be brighter than it is with the 250K pots.
I would reccomend the 250k pots, unless you've tried 500k pots with the single coils, you're probably best off with what works best for most people.

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