Decided to give Stacie some hotter pups than the stock pieces of crap. I know I had a hard time finding info on doing this to an EPI Special II, so for anybody on UG looking for info, here it is. All the hardware needed came with the pups in the box. As you can see below the pots needed to be spaced out so I extended the distance by soldering a piece of extra wire between the Tone pot and the resistor on the Volume pot.

From there, I just followed the wiring diagram for 2 pickups/1 tone/1 volume/3 Way Toggle Switch and soldered everything together, taping every exposed wire I could get to. The only problem I had was fitting the 9v in the control area. Had to chip into some of the body from the inside to fit it. She sounds 10x better. Sustain is way better, tone is awesome. If you have any questions, PM me.

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Looks good !

Actually it does xD
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Nice i like it. Although it seems weird that your pickups were probably like the same price as the rest of your guitar XD

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