Yes i used the search button but couldn't find enough detailed information and assumed you guys would be able to help.

OK well i have a schecter omen extreme with floyd rose, and I'm going to be changing both the passive alnico humbuckers to a dimarzio d-sonic in the bridge and an air norton in the neck.

That's basically all i know.. I'm going to install them myself and need as much help as possible.
I read the stickies n that so i have a general idea on what to do, i have the instructions on the website of dimarzio. Just need help with all the stupid things that you would automatically do but i wouldn't think of doing and would screw it up. ie. removing the old pickup wires and that.

Now are these suitable for a soldering iron and solder?

ATM all i know I'm going to do it... unscrew the pups that are in now.. no idea which cables i take out.. what i leave and whatnot and no idea where all the wires of the pups will go and how I'll get them there.
Basically, I'm the nubbiest nub from nubtown, nubisoda.
Any and all help greatly appreciated... think of me as your installation project.. work away at me, call me dumb, help me get the job done, good karma for you
SO yeah, that's about it.. thanks in advance!
My comment won't be useful since I'm maybe as nub as you, but I'll sticky this to see if they say something useful to you, thanks for posting mate
EDIT: I think both things that you linked can be used wiht pickup changing
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Here's a wiring diagram for you. If you need any help you can PM me or post in The ULTIMATE Guitar Wiring Thread. There's a link to it in my sig.
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Thanks riksriks for the sticky.
Still need confirmation if that soldering iron + solder is what I'd need.
And thanks I'll save that pic zakk.

Also, the guitar's tone switch you can pull out to coil split or whatever, umm.. yeah? haha
Here's a picture of the inside/outside atm so you can help tell me which i need to pull and what goes where a bit easier.


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That push/pull will be hard to do if it's your first wiring job. I know I messed mine up a heck-load. When you do it, ask a parent or friend to help you to keep wires and stuff organized.
That soldering iron and solder will be great for you.
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If you wanna keep the push/pull pot you'll need a different diagram than the one I linked before. If you don't use the push/pull and don't plan on using it you can buy a new regular tone pot and use the diagram I linked you to earlier.
I don't really use the push/pull thing for coil splitting so it's not really a hassle.
Can i keep it in but just hook it up regularly and not to coil split?

Oh and i just found out that like no one will ship dimarzio products to aus for some reason, i have a friend in the us so I'm gonna see if i can get them to send it to him then he send it to me.
Quote by braydz
I don't really use the push/pull thing for coil splitting so it's not really a hassle.
Can i keep it in but just hook it up regularly and not to coil split?

Oh and i just found out that like no one will ship dimarzio products to aus for some reason, i have a friend in the us so I'm gonna see if i can get them to send it to him then he send it to me.

Yes you can. Just ignore the bottom half with the 6 lugs and only the three attached to the pot.
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Can you show me with a diagram?
Or if possible, draw on the picture i posted above.
How the hell am i gonna get the dimarzios if no1 ships them outa the us
What's the seymour duncan equivalent of a dimarzio d-sonic (bridge) and dimarzio air norton (neck), because people can ship them to AUS from US but not dimarzios or emg's.
Maybe a seymour duncan invader sh-8 for the bridge?
And something else for the neck?
Invader good for bridge drop tuning br00t4l m3t4lz?
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Is it american?
Because these ebay people only ship to american places.
If so, this place like..... they're purpose is to get other peoples mail they've ordered from across the world, they get it from the seller.. then ship it to the buyer? like a middle man?
How much it cost?
I found a site like it called www.usa2me.com that I'll try get some feedback on.
Otherwise I might get the invaders.
Still need backup on whether that solder/soldering iron is fine to use.
yeah. it's an american site. here's the URL http://aramex.com/

look it up and read all the stuff on the site for yourself. but here's what basically happens: they are a middleman. they give you a specific mailbox in the USA that your stuff is shipped to. you buy stuff online, have it sent there, they ship it over to you. then you pay for it. you pay by weight.
Yeah i had a look for a few sites because aramex doesn't **** to australia.
i found www.usa2me.com
it's the same thing.. with fairly good prices, check out the rates.
I'm probably gonna do the bronze membership, $25 entry fee, no monthly fee.
$25 for first pound, $5 each pound after that.
How much would 2 pickups weigh to be sent you reckon?
No more than 2pounds :S
I think i found someone on ebay who will send the dimarzios to me
Yeah I ordered the dimarzio d-sonic and air norton so they're on the way
So keep giving me advice.
Will i need new "pots" (not 100% sure what they are though)
Dibs on pups if you don't want them?
All you really gotta do is solder the wires from teh pups to the pots and selector switch, I think someone already put up a diagram for you.

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Yeah how many wires do each pickup have?
And are they the same colour as the pictures?
Also again, that solder/soldering iron in my first post is fine yes?
Also, on my schecter omen extreme fr, i bought the dimarzios in f-spaced.
That's fine yeah?
Hey braydz, you probably don't remember me but I used to hang out on the xbox360 forum, I think my name was Charger46 or something.

Anywho, those pickups should be fine, the whole f-spaced pickup thing is kind of a gimmick really, it doesn't mean anything special. Most humbuckers are either 2 conductor or 4 conductor, so there will be either 2 wires, or 4 or 5. Most 4 conductor pickups I've seen actually have 5 wires. That soldering iron should be fine.
haha I've seen you around this forum, you're dp here was same as X3F but i thought it was just a coincidence.
How you going man!
Still on X3F?

Also yeah it's 4 conductor pickups.. when i get them I'll take a picture or use the instructions to see what to do
Should i bother trying to work it so i can coil split? coz i can.. the tone knob you can pull out and it's sposed 2 coil split or whatever.
Later man!
both are good. 40 watts is really good for guitar stuff and pc boards. and 60/40 is ideal for solder too.
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I'm doing good, thanks for asking. I don't really get on X3F much anymore, not enough time lol

As for the coil splitting, I'm sure myself or someone else here could walk you through it. It's really not that complicated. Infact all you really have to do is take out one pickup at a time and solder the new pickup wires in the exact spots, so it shouldn't be much trouble, just trying to match the wire colors is all the work you'll really have to do. Just keep us updated and we'll help you out with whatever questions you have.
Ha man that's a smart idea!
I was gonna take both pups out.. and then be like "ok which goes whereeee"
Take 1 out at a time, and put the new wires where the old ones where, if they're the same colour it'll help dramatically!
Now, do i need to change the pots or anything?
And with the soldering.. i just what, heat up where the old wires are connected, until it's loose and pull it out.. then heat it up again, put the new wire on a new place on the pot or the exact same where the old one was? and then get the solder and cover the wire wit solder onto the pot.
Nah push pull is cool for the neck pup (i think it's on) and that's fine.
Just waiting on my pups to get here.. might be a while, coming from US
got the pups!
installed them!
all works!
and it's ****ing unbelievable!
thanks for the recommendation guys!
I'll get some pics up soon, but yeah it really was fairly easy.. hardest bit is fiddling with the wires trying to gte them to ****ing stick to the pots and whatnot.
got therein the end