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i like your guitar tone it's very spacy. some of the leads seemed a bit out of key...maybe work on your bends? over all though this is a very nice sounding track. i also think that you should put your lead tone a little lower in the mix. i can barely hear the rhythm

crit mine?

thx it's actually the rhytm that isn't loud enough ^^

the lead was all improvised , and wasn't to sure were to play :p

i'll check yours out
Hey this is not bad. Lol, it kinda reminded me of my "Blue Rain" track haha.
Well the idea is right but it was kinda boring.
Yup, the rythm guitar should be louder and maybe a little bit brighter.
This reminds me of bucketheads slow clean stuff which is good.
If you want to perfect this kinda thing, I suggest that you listen to his "Colma" album and really try to figure out what he does etc.

Keep it up dude.
good but it does get kinda boring and you need to make the rythm louder. umm it kinda sound like whales that wierd thing you do throughout the song but overall it is good compostion keep up the good work.