I need a pretty specific program
Which program would be the best for making click tracks with tempo and time signature changes.I need to create a session and to create click tracks in that program so i could open that sesion and record with that click track.
It could be done easily with audacity as long as you know how many bars you need of each time sig/tempo.

EDIT: If you don't have audacity, get it. When you do, just go to Generate > Click Track

It'll pop up with a box for you to put in your info (Tempo, BPM, # of Measures). Since you're dealing with changing time sigs, make your first section, then hit ok. Then hit the ">>|" symbol which take you to the end of the track (hopefully you know that) and just create the next section of clicks.
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Why not use the metronome in reaper, its like a click track and then you could have bpm and time signature changes.