So im looking to get a hellraiser which is gloss and i would like an oiled or waxed neck. Should i shave the guitar neck down myself with various sandpapers or is it worth getting someone to do it? I saw a guy score pencil marks in the neck to make sure he sanded evenly, and im not looking to reduce the neck size or anything just get rid of the gloss.
Do you want to remove the gloss for the looks, or the feel?
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If you are just looking to reduce the gloss rub the neck down with 0000 steel wool, if it is still too glossy go to 000 wool.

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Just key the gloss. Say get the green scouring side of a sponge and rub it down with that.
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Just key the gloss. Say get the green scouring side of a sponge and rub it down with that.

really? how long would i need to do that for?

its for feel btw, but i guess gloss is stronger and less prone to dents and dings.
isnt there a way to make the gloss feel like satin or something? like lightly sand.
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everyone suggests steelwool over sandpaper though I'm not sure why. you could also remove the finish on the neck and spray satin like a Caparison

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