Hey UGers.......when did you guys learn your first solo?......and wat did you guys do to learn it?......and also what scales are best to learning a rock solo?...,...is there a website with a bunch of scales.....?............
thanks for you help
I think mine was smells like teen spirit which i learnt just after christmas in 04 i think, i started learning in the september of 04
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um.... like 3 months after i got my guitar i learned the fade to black intro solo

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First day I got my guitar I learnt the Zephyr Song solo which is almost as easy as smoke on the water. In the first month though I think I learnt the don't cry solo. Obviously not cleanly but I learnt it
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i learned the intro solo for welcome home by metallica about half a year after playing. I never tried to play as i tried to buff up my playing first.
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I learned smells like teen spirit after a few months. Even though I was a novice, I still remember thinking...."Wow, that's pretty stupid.."
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Reggae Bass Covers mahn!!!

I learned the solo to Coffee & TV by Blur, pretty simple like 2 months after I first started, so some time in 2004?
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Sunshine of Your Love.
First song I learned to play all the way through.
Took like a month though.

EDIT: Excuse me, took like a month to learn the whole song. This was like 4 months after starting to play.
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First solo I bothered to learn all the way through was Crazy Train. Maybe a year and a half after I started playing.
3 months after starting the guitar, I learned riffs and small parts of other songs but the first song I learned how to play all the way through was Symphony of Destruction by Megadeth
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my first day of playing guitar seriously (whick was the April of last year). I always had one, but it was in my closet for 3 years. then last year, i decided to truly start to learn how to play, but that guitar i had in my closet wouldn't do anything the strings were so rusted. (it was a first act) so I asked my day if I could use his guitar (Fender MiM standard strat) and i logged onto here and llooked up Like A Stone by Audioslave. it was so easy, I learned the entire song by the end of the day. I was very proud. second solo i learned was Joker & the Thief by Wolfmother.
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My first solo was probably a month after I started messing around with the guitar, and it was "Holiday" by Green Day. Amazing how much fun you can have with some power chords and a simplistic solo.
2 weeks -----> smell like teen spirit... epic but easy as hell...

4 month after i started guitar i made my first solo.... obviously it wasnt terrific but i still play it sometime...
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have you been playing for two weeks?

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6 months, the dreaded Stairway To Heaven. It was pretty easy actually, not near as hard as I thought it'd be. Playing the 13-15 bend part made me so satisfied, until I realized I wasn't special at all...
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The Bat Country (A7X) solo. I had waited forever to start on solos, only to find they weren't as mystical and difficult as I had thought...
Within the first month, the very very first solo I learned was
Fallen Leaves - Billy Talent

easy, fun....easy...
Solos aren't that much harder than the rest of the song usually. The talent of the guitarist reflects on his or her whole song and usually not certain parts. I learned Back In Black first, pentatonic scale. The 2 secrets to learning solos- 1. speed 2. Practice

Put a metronome on very slowly to a speed you can manage it. Only play like 2-4 measures at a time or whatever is comfortable. Play it slowly until you can play it at full speed then move it to the next section. Just take your time and be patient.
The first solos I learned were the two from Comfortably Numb. I'm not sure exactly when... Somewhere close to a year, I think.
i didn't make my first proud solo until about two years of playing, I just like it so much cause it starts with an e major run and after that it's a nice punk style pentatonic
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Crazy Train, took a couple of weeks. I used to think it was so hard, now its like Smoke on The Water easy to me.
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First solo = Velvet Revolver's "Slither"

Not too hard, learned it at like.. 6 months or so?

Though, I did pick up economy picking by then, somehow, but I still can't sweep.
Sunshine of your love about 1 month into learning guitar, took me about a month to get and play well.
I had been teaching myself guitar for about a week and I learned the Greenday Holiday solo, I don't particularily like them, but it was easy to play.
I learnt 2 solos in the week I got my first guitar.

Led Zeppelin - Tangerine
Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit
Californication was the first solo I learned. It wasn't a fast song so it was kind of easy to learn. That was a few years ago.
I havent learnt any yet, (only been playing 6 weeks). My guitar teacher taught me what i think is the solo bit to supersonic by oasis, but i struggle with sped on the hammer on and pull off at the end.
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3 months after starting the guitar, I learned riffs and small parts of other songs but the first song I learned how to play all the way through was Symphony of Destruction by Megadeth

Bull****, that solo is very hard for a beginner.

Mine was the beginning One solo...didnt take me that long.
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First solo Dying In Your Arms - Trivium, about 2nd month after I got my guitar. It was my first solo attempt since I got my guitar. I kinda started out as a rhythm guitarist but I guess after listing to Trivium n a few other bands it kinda got me into lead. btw it was from UG tabs, I'm a self taught guitarist