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Right now i'm very C#G#C#F#A#D#

Its got the lowness of C drop but the strings arn't to loose. Good for metal imo. Also, im pretty sure Lamb Of God's Wrath has most of its songs in this tuning >D

So, whats yours and why?
Do you mean "why"?

CGCFAD, but I sometimes use a capo to go to drop D or drop C sharp
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Isn't there already a thread about this?


Real men play in E and C standard
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C Standard, 2 Steps down.

Arch Enemy, TBDM ftw!

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Nashville Tuning on my acoustic.

EADGBE, but the bottom four strings are tuned up an octave.
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E standard and Bb standard. Both for Buckethead mainly.
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c# standard, behemoth uses it and with the string gauge i use its really nice
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E standard
Followed by D standard
With Eb standard coming in third

I just like the higher sounds. Sometimes D standard is nice to add an extra bit of chunkiness.
I like drop b. Nice and chunky, but still gives you some nice highs. Though, the band I'm in is currently in drop a. That's pretty delicious for deathcore.
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Standard on my electric, and sometimes I like to go down to D Standard on my acoustic, to give it a really nice deep sound when I'm playing some nice arpeggios and all that jazz.
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C# standard. My two favorite bands play in this tuning and IMO it sounds great for soloing, and if i want to get teh br00t4lz, drop B is a twist away
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this is absolutely, 100% correct.
For example, Dave Mustaine has a signature coffee mix.

Good Morning, Black Coffee?
I don't know why though, it sounds unique.
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isn't there an exact thread in the GT forum?


Drop C/D Standard on one
Drop D/E Standard on another
I want a 3rd for Drop C#/D# Standard
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half step/B standard (two and a half steps down of pure ****ing metal).
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Poll, NOW.

Drop C


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Either DbAbDbGbBbEb or AbDbAbDbGbBbEb.

C# seems exactly low enough, and then I prefer drop tunings because they open up a few weird chord voicings I like.
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Standard or Open G. I also like D standard

Standard since it's, well standard. D standard sounds amazing on a Strat and is great for blues (listen to Robin Trower and Voodoo Chile). Open G has an amazing ring to it, allowing for very special chords and rhythm and is also great for slide.
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E standard, Eb standard, drop D, C standard. Depends on what I feel like playing, really.
Drop C and Eb. Then Drop B and Drop C Standard.

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Eb or Dropped Db

Its literally C#, so I can play a bunch of fun bits by different bands and get a similar sound.

Though before I gave my second acoustic to my friend for our guitar class (I've yet to get it back, I promise I will) I had it tuned to Open G, which is D G D G B D
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Eb, i like how it sounds, not too fond of dropped tunings
on my acoustic i like Open G
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I'll usually use Eb Standard or D standard for my own songs, to accomodate my uber low voice.

But my favorite tuning has to be C,A,Bb,A,G,E otherwise known as CABbAGE tuning.
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Eb standard or drop db. for some reason it sounds way better to me than standard tunings
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I like drop b/a. That's pretty delicious for deathcore.

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The most crazy fun tuning is DADDDD. Trust me tune to this then hit all the stings let them ring then tremelo pick the high D do quick like 32th note or 16th note or watever pull offs on frets 4, 5, 7 10, 12 get like an irish jig type rythm. Add a few natural harmonics hit all 6 strings when u do. Me and my mate sat for hours 1 day mucking round we dubbed it "the open D jam." DADGAD is pretty good too, Listen to Andy Mckee and Erik Mongrain these dudes will blow ur minds. Peace mates.
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Standard or Open G.


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