This is a song I wrote a while ago, I have been so inactive on this forum in this last couple weeks, sorry about that.

It's just some punk, I wouldn't say Pop Punk, but it's not original "Sex Pistols" punk.


Yes, poop.
Intro solo sounded a lot like that solo from that Sum 41 song, I think "The Hell Song," but it's good.

I liked the bridge, it was pretty different but in a good way.
I enjoyed this quite a bit. The guitar solo sections were good; they weren't drawn out or tiring. And the overall rhythm of the piece was enjoyable, having strayed away from just straight sixteenth-notes or quarter-notes. The only thing I can suggest that you might want to do in the future is to pan the instruments away from each other and mess with the volume.
Nice song, albeit quite simple. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, but still... Enjoyable though. The solos were pretty nice.
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Pretty good and seems easy to put lyrics to. But the intro solo sounded wayyyy too much like the hell song solo. I dont think the key change for the chorus fit in too well, i would use another progression. I like the interlude riff. Its kinda hard to crit punk songs as there isnt too much riffs ect.