Does string buzzing bother your playing?,If not,Why must we try and fix the it?.
Does it bother the guitar somehow?.

Also another question..

How can i keep my strings fresh i keep wiping off the oily stuff that gets there :S
But it doesnt help :S

I use this ghs Fast-fret thing to clean it,Its pretty cheap.

Any tips to keep it more cleaner and fresher?.
It doesn´t bother your playing but it does not sound good if you can hear it through the amp. There is not much you can do to keep strings fresh other than change them - it is just something you have to live with unfortunately.
I started putting a humidifier in my electric guitar case a few days ago because my strings were drying out fast for me too, and honestly I think it has made a huge difference in the strings freshness...and I think that dry strings contribute to the fretbuzz too, because I have a lot less of it now as well.

You can get a little humidifier thing at a music store for around 15 bucks, but all it really is is a sponge in side of a plastic bag with holes poked in it. Then just soak it up in the sink every couple of days and put it back in the guitar case.

PS: If you buy one at the music store, it will probably say it is for acoustic guitar, but it doesn't matter, as long as you don't get the kind that is a little plastic circle that fits into the hole of an acoustic.
Need a website? I can make you one for pretty cheap.
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