....for the finish of my guitar.

I'm undecided on what I should paint it, so I'm gonna swirl it. But I am having trouble with what colors I should swirl, so recommend away!

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Usually, people just dump in whatever paint cans they can find.
I'd say red, blue, green, white, and black would be good.
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Swirl it in clear, if its good wood.

If its **** wood, swirl it in colours.

Knew i'd be helpful sometime.
Go for the EVH Frankenstien... but Swirled!

Black, White, Red, and Yellow!

Also, make sure you dump some glitter in there, too
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There's nothing else I can really do...
Red and black.
Blue and black.
Red and yellow and orange (that fiery swirl ^_^ )
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Black and Lime Green.
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i have no helpful advice

black,white,gray,blue and maybe a light blue with it or silver instead of gray
Black and purple.
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black white gray and silver...
image 2 is what im talking about

+10000000 badass and sexy...
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I would say keep it simple, white and black swirled over a coloured base coat.

Those psychedelic loads of colours swirls look pretty bad sometimes.

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Blue, Black and Orange
Heres a swirl I did when I was planning to swirl one of my builds, which never got started.

Not very good, but it was one of the first I did that actually worked, then they got progressively worse from there
lol...well imma swirl some guitars when i get my supplys in heheh
but nor do i know what im gonna swirl...
but i was thinking about somthing like...neon green undercoat, with neon red,blue,and yellow on top!

it will be like a substance abuse trip to the 80's ...hehehe
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The neon green, orange and pink combo always wins!
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Black and purple.

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Neon green, Neon yellow, Neon pink, Neon blue?. And white. Bad ass.
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