Im looking to buy a bridge pickup because I dont like how thin and trebly the stock ones are.

Im looking for a humbucker pickup thats the size of a single coil.

Should I go for Dimarzio or Seymour duncans ?

I play blues, classic rock, rock, jazz.
Seymour Duncan Cool Rails sound like what you're after. Maybe Hot Rails if you'd prefer the higher gain side of things.
What about the JB jr ?
from what i read from the site it looks pretty suitable too
Oh yeah, that too, the JB's quite popular also.

Try checking on youtube for demos of different pickups, that should help as well.
Also, my strat has the S1 switch...
will it still work If I swap out the stock pick up?
Yeah it'll still work no problem as long as the wiring config doesn't change when you switch the pickup.
I can only hope it doesnt change when i do it...cuz i have no clue how
dude do what billie joe did put in a sh-4 jb model
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Lil '59 maybe up your alley aswell. But like Pete said check youtube, to see what sounds good to you.
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I talked to my friend who told me that seymour duncans have bad QC now and that dimarzios are the way to go..

he recommended the virtual solo or virtual heavy blues.

what do u guys think.

I dont think it'll give me a humbucking tone but i checked them out they sound pretty good too
I own 3 SD pickup's and have no complaints at all...........great pickup's.
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You aren't going to get a humbucker tone from a single-sized humbucker.
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