A friend and I are going to study jazz theory together, and we were wondering,
if you guys know a good book or two, that would teach us the theory?
Preferably something you have some good experiences with.
Beginning Jazz Guitar by Jody Fisher. Comes with a CD. Theres also Intermediate, Mastering Improv and Mastering Chords/Melody
yeah I own 3 out of the 4 books and have found them very helpful. I have had 2 different guitar teachers but I think I have learned most of what I know from those books
Great! Thanks a lot then.

See ya on the jazz stage in a couple of months xD.
Capuzzo's Theory for the contempory guitarist is FANTASTIC. its not erally about guitars it just uses them as examples. it teaches all the jazz stuff you want
extended chords,
hybrid scales
symmetrical scales
altered chords
slash chords
chordal tendencies
popular progressions..

thats all that I can think of now, I would have ot go find the book to talk about other things. its really good i reckon. It's also got little worksheets and things in it too.
One word: "Jazzology"
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Mark Levine's The Jazz Theory Book. Probably the best theory book out there.

This guy knows.
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This. Great book.

Oh crap. Because I already bought the book by Jody Fisher.
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One word: "Jazzology"


excellent book. Gives you a in depth but well-rounded look at jazz theory and teaches you how to use the concepts in your improvisations.

I'd definitely recommend it.
Here's a book I think will help with a plethora of chords:

Check it out here:
Jazz Piano for Two Hands

Even though it is designed for Piano, it has the notes laid out so you can translate them.

Not sure how this would compare to theory in and of itself, but it has helped me.
-Tommy S.
Jazz isn't only books though!

It's very important to know your theory and to study harmony related in jazz, but alongside that your friend and you will want to do a lot of listening and transcribing.