I know i might be sounding a bit vague here but i learnt guitar about a year and a half ago on a steel stringed acoustic guitar my mum picked up for free. I then got an electric which i really like but i've become more interested in acoustic guitar stuff now and want a decent one.
What kind of price should i be spending on a decent acoustic and can you name any which i could get for that price.

Thanks for your help.
do you want an acoustic-electric or just acoustic?

Id try a seagull S6, im looking into getting one of those for either my birthday or christmas.
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The BARE MINIMUM you should spend to get a good sounding, good playing, and decently made from a materials standpoint and build quality standpoint, acoustic guitar is $300 US. As far as suggestions go, check out the Which Guitars Under $300 thread. Another one that's about $50 more and a fantastic guitar is the Seagull S6.
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