Hey all, I'm finally going to customize a bass for real. I've been throwing around design ideas for a long time now, and I picked up a very used Rogue 5-string bass to mess with for cheap. I decided to start a thread here to show what I'm doing and ask for guidance, etc. Here is a rough sketch of my design:

It is supposed to be a dove on one side and a flame on the other... let me know if you think it should be altered/shifted to be more clear, or if I should take off the eye and wing lines. The green headstock was just messing around thinking it could be an olive branch, but I might just go with white. Here is another sketch with the flame painted:

I would be putting Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounders in as pickups, and the usual wiring that goes with those.... the knobs aren't on the pic but would be on the bottom part of the flame, and jack on the side.... not much else special.

The bass I got would provide the neck, bridge, some electronics (I have the rest), and tuners and such that are all in great condition. This is my first build and although I have done some research around here I am pretty much a noob and would love everyone's input and constructive criticism. Yes, I know it would take more than one piece of wood and some fine cutting and piecing together, too.

P.S. If you want the .png to mess with in fireworks/photoshop let me know.

Thanks all!
My only suggestion would be to make the dove look more like a dove. It kind of looks like a duck now. Looks like a real interesting build and I'll be interested to see how it turns out.
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Alright, I've been tossing around ideas for it and I'll try a different one. I've only got one bad review so far so I'm going with it

Going with this? Or another one? I'm confused. It's just the dove/duck needs to be fixed, that's all.