Hi guys, we are a metal band who do thrash/black/death metal.
We've just recorded our first ever demo (with a camcorder so levels and sound will be not so good).
The demo is on our myspace profile : here.
All comments will be appreciated, we are a new band so any helpfulness also much appreciated.

C4C too =]
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Okay, well I will be honest and say it is not very good. I am not going to be a bitch like most people will end up being in this thread, though. I critique and comment, but I won't bash you.

First of all, you are going to need a vocalist.

Second, if your going to call yourself black metal you should consider looking into more black metal bands. Based on your influences I am not seeing anything I would really deem "black metal."

Unless you want to play doom metal, speed up the songs. The riffs were pretty mediocre and overly repetitive. They aren't necessarily bad, just not song material. If you have difficulty developing riffs, I would consider getting a synth player to make your material more interesting.

Also, don't make demo's until the songs are finished; and try to make a bit better quality demos as well.

I understand you guys are just starting out, but it is not necessary to just begin and get a recording. Take some time and really work out one good song with some catchy riffs and vocals.
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from 0:26 to 0:50 it sounded really evil, it made me think of some undead army marching, but then as soon as the drums come in it and the riff changes its ruined. For the next minute, its really not very good. The riff at 2:00 is good, especially at 2:18 when the bass drum comes in, again with the marching thing. Your drummer seems to want to play too many complicated things, and neither of you stay in time. If everyone played in time and the guitars had a lot more power/outline it'd work better. Especially with your drummer, stop the bad variations in the blast beats.