Anyone know how to get the most out of a tube amp at bedroom levels? I have a Peavey Valveking halfstack. I've had it at concert levels and it sounds awesome, but now I have it in my room collecting dust because it sounds like crap at low volumes.
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I was think that and getting a smaller speaker like a 1x12

No, that will still be loud as sh*t cuz its tube. You need an attenuator, as previously stated. THD hotplate is popular, Furman makes really nice ones...
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damn. That's a hell of a lot of money to make a valveking sound better. I say just play the thing, and not buy anything like that unless you're made of money, which you're not because you have a valveking, which is almost always a second choice to something more expensive. haha. If there is a cheaper way, i have no idea what it would be.
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