I already know some info on the Guitar,as far as I know it is a 1969 gibsonES-330 DT.The amp I know nothing about all I know is that it is a Sunn Dymos any info will be greatly appreciated.Thanks

woah...sweet deal for free

the amp is 100watts RMS, 2 12inch Sunn Transducers, and two channels..thats all i could find. sry
to be honest I cant tell you because I just got home with it.I haven'ttried to plug it in yet.
Wow, how did you land a deal like that? Or was it a gift?
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wait so somone just gave you a 40 year old gibson es-330 ...... -.- /envy
yup it belong to my father in-law he told be ge bought it brand new.That he only played it a handful of times.
Emily Remler held one that looked the same on here debut Firefly album FYI.
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I jst plugged everything in and it all works it is pretty loud.That could be because i Cant play a note to save my life.LOL
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How much would the guitar be worth?
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Its not as good as the guitar hero controller on the side

But seriously, sweet catch man. Hollow-bodies aren't my thing, but hey, a free guitar's a free guitar (and amp)
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How much would the guitar be worth?

I would be guessing a couple of thousands at least. That guitar is in excellent condition.
If its a Sunn amp. Sunn solid state amps were used around the 60s, Hendrix used them a lot from what I know. People have said they were some of the best solid state amplifiers out there, so there ya go.

Nice guitar too ;]
Thanks for the info.I would like to know if this amp has any value,before I let my kid play with it.
Is that pickguard stock? It looks a bit odd covering that hollow part.
Incredible catch man, hope you enjoy 'em
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the if the amp is in good condition and is from the year you think say it is... you got a couple of thousand dollars of gear between the guitar and the amp... you lucky lucky lucky SOB
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everything is original.there is also a foot pedal with 2 buttons on it with the amp it says reverb on it.I am clueless when it comes to these.I am most likely just gonna let my kids bang around on it.
DOn't let your kids "bang about on it" from what I am reading both those things are worth a lot.
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everything is original.there is also a foot pedal with 2 buttons on it with the amp it says reverb on it.I am clueless when it comes to these.I am most likely just gonna let my kids bang around on it.

Personally, I'd keep that amp. Do you know if it's a valve or transistor amp?

If it's a valve one, it'll have some exellent rocky crunchy tones that would be nice, or if it's a transistor (which it looks like), it'll have some nice clean tones.
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if you sell that to a specialist store... you can get a couple of original 2009 gibsons for your children to play with!

just don't trash a classic!... give it to someone who cares for it... and buy a car or a guitar IDK... (or take care of it yourself)
pics or gtfo.

EDIT: Wait, that's nice
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Oh man, I'm horrendously envious of that guitar. The amp I'm not fussed about, but that guitar is beautiful. I'd hazzard a guess that the guitar is worth somewhere between 5-7 thousand dollars. It's just so gorgeous.
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Don't let your kids NEAR that guitar. Take it to a specialist.
Yes. If it comes across as rude, I apologize, but, yeah. Letting your twelve year old child "bang around on" this guitar would be criminal. I love the idea of the instrument being an heirloom, but if they're going to "bang about", get them an Epiphone or a Squier and let them work their way up, that way'll they'll appreciate/not destroy it.
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