okay, so...
theres a competition for aussie musician josh pyke to make a music video for one of his songs. the winner gets their video used as the official clip and played on tv, $2500AUD and all of his albums and EPS signed.
so i made a video and submitted it on youtube - it took hours and hours to make and nearly 2000 photos! so i really want people to have a look at it and comment/rate (5 stars please? haha)
heres the link:
so, thanks heaps if anyone actually reads this and takes the time to watch it : )
even if you dont want to watch it, at least rate it : ) haha
ALSO! send the link to ALL of your friends!
Don't like the music, but the video is nice. I rated it 5.
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Can I eat the candy?
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Can I eat the candy?

ha! you can if you want, but its so gross and dried out from being handled for like 3 weeks straight : D
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Holy ****, alot of effort on your part, a very well deserved 5 stars.

thanks heaps : )
im glad you liked it