I was taking off the black speeds knobs on my Les Paul (pain in the ***) and I put new golden tophats on. When I went to put on the knob for the neck pickup volume, the little shaft that sticks up, split in two pieces. One half is still attached, but the other broke off and I have the piece. Is there anyway I can just super glue the piece back on and off I go, or should I have a luthier or someone do it for me so I don't screw anything else up? I was heading the music store tommarow, just to get my guitar set up, I might aswell have them do it, incase im in over my head.
If you're already taking it to a tech to get it set-up, yeah, you might as well just have them replace the pot.
Are replacing pots exspensive? Money isn't an issue now, i'll just have to take some out of my amp savings.
pots cost a buck or two to replace.
You could do it yourself as long as you have (or can buy) a soldering iron.
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