can someone please explain to me how it works and why it's so great. also, do you just plug in your pedals one by one into it out of the output jack in the pedal?
Yes, you plug every pedal into an on/off box through both the input and output on the pedal itself. Basically every pedal is in its own loop, and you switch loops on and off. The advantage is that it preserves your signal path by not sending it through the circuitry of unused pedals (in the case of non true bypass) or limits the effective length of the cable going to the amp (true bypass pedals).
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True bypass means that the pedal you're running through is completely off (as in there is no changed signal). It preserves your tone so you're not losing your high-end as opposed to non-true bypass.

The problem is, a lot of pedals advertise SAYING they're TB, when they aren't.
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