Do you guys recommending only learning 1 song at a time, or multiple songs? Right now I'm trying to learn to play 3 songs:

Hurt - Johnny Cash
Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana
Wonderwall - Oasis

I actively practice all 3 every day (I still can't really play any of them). Why I practice 3 is because I will get frustrated while trying to learn 1 and move onto another song and eventually come back to it during the day, just kind of switching around all day.

I can tell I'm getting better (I can strums the first 2 chord parts in smells like teen spirit properly muting and everything, I just can't make the switches fast enough yet). And I can almost play Hurt perfectly) and wonderwall just sounds horrible because I don't own a capo. I'm just wondering if this is a bad way to practice though and thought I would get you more experienced guy's (and gals) opinions. I'm trying to make sure I learn playing guitar properly from the beginning so I don't run into a lot of problems down the road from bad habits.
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Do whatever works for you man. I learn tons of songs at once.
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I wouldn't necessarily advocate learning multiple songs at one time, though I would rather suggest focusing on one for however long until I was satisfied and comfortable with it. Of course, there are exceptions, but I find this approach to be much more economic.
The fact of the matter is, by learning one piece the whole way through, your technique and comfortability with different aspects of the instrument will develop extravagantly, especially at such an early stage in your playing - making the remaining songs much more tangible and manageable to take down!
Contrastingly, learning three songs at the same time will typically hinder progress, mostly due to such an exceptional amount of information having to be processed and understood - it's a mental tragedy, more than anything, but it can even take its toll physically through fatigue .etc.

Now, you mentioned that you somewhat get burned out when focusing on one piece for too long - which is perfectly reasonable, as mental barriers are sure to arise.
Though it seems that you've already somewhat countered yourself this by arming yourself with a damn nice selection of songs. If one particular piece truly is troubling you, perhaps you should try working on another (as mentioned learning the techniques in one song will transfer to countless others.)

Taking all the above into account, I'd recommend working on one of your three songs for a while, as tending to one song's progress will surely develop your technique and confidence, whilst too ensuring constant and consistent progress with the individual piece. And hey, if you hit a mental barrier, play something you already know - regardless of what it is - to break down the mental barrier, until you're ready to resume.

As always, I will edit my post if I notice something missing. And as always, feel free to contact me if you'd like to ask more questions.


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I often learn to play like 6 songs in 1 day, because I can just sight-read most songs. (Unless it's some sort of insanely difficult song)
tune up for wonderwall thats what i do.
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