Hey everyone. Lately I have been completely fascinated by Gypsy Jazz/Swing from the old french scene and I'm looking for more stuff to try out. I know the staples like Django, and Le Quintette du Hot Club de France, and newer like Romane. Any suggestions would be awesome!


you really have to start studying that kind of thing your know. and it's ****ing hard, I've been trying to learn a the style and concepts that Bireli Lagrene uses, and even when you wrap your head around the harmony and so, the sheer physical demands of that music are mindblowing.

a good way to get into that style is to get into playing the rhythms consistently. if you study some of the gypsy jazz standards, you'll realize that the underlying rhythmic progression is not very complex (m7ths, 6ths, and mostly standard jazz chords), but learning to play it on time WITH time is non-trivial. I am trying to get around to getting acquainted with thinking rhythmically at those tempos (which are mostly all upwards of 170 bpm on the faster tunes) before approaching the solo ideas.